Senior 2 Senior Technology Program

The Senior 2 Seniors technology program is a joint effort among several organizations in Potter County to teach basic computer skills, digital literacy and cybersecurity to senior citizens. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge to utilize the many benefits of high-speed Internet, such as staying connected with friends and family, utilizing tele-medicine, using on-line banking and shopping from home.

Congrats to our course graduates and a huge thank you to our volunteers and partners! We look forward to the next session coming soon. Stay tuned!

Tri-Co Connections and TCREC in the National News

Recently the senior executives from Tri-Co Connections and TCREC gave powerful testimony to a telecommunications committee sponsored by Senator Gene Yaw. This news event was picked up nationally by USA Today. It’s becoming very clear that the message and leadership that is coming from Pennsylvania is helping pave the way for more companies to help bridge the digital divide that exists in rural America. More and more of our members are seeing a sign of the times.

I’m Fiber Internet Connected! Take a look…keep scrolling down until you get to the “Pennsylvania” section. USA Today: News from around our 50 states