Get to know Tri-Co Connections: Fiber-to-the-Home Services from Tri-County Rural Electric

Tri-Co Connections is a new fiber-to-the-home broadband Internet provider. We are powered by Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative, who has provided over 83 years of local service and integrity. Tri-Co Connections will bridge the digital divide between urban and rural America by providing its members cutting-edge technology with ultra high-speed Internet offering download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gig (1000Mbps). Soon homes and businesses in Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative's territories in rural northwestern Pennsylvania counties will have access to next-generation video streaming services, unlimited local and long distance telephone, home security, smart home options and the fastest Internet available. We are "Delivering A Brighter Future!"

Craig Eccher, CEO Tri-County REC

Craig Eccher
CEO Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative

Bill Gerski, SR VP Business Development

Bill Gerski
SR VP Business Development

Aaron Young, Chief Technical Officer

Aaron Young
Chief Technical Officer

Rachel Hauser, CEcD, Executive Assistant

Rachel Hauser
Director of Regulatory Affairs & Economic Development

Aimee Hobwood, Director of Finance/Broadband

Aimee Hobwood
Director of Finance/Broadband

Cat Rush

Cat Rush
Marketing Representative

Lori Lowe

Lori Lowe
Manager of Customer Service & Billing Support

“We are excited for the opportunity to deliver high-speed, fiber-optic Internet service to the homes, farms and businesses across our service region. This will provide our rural region of Pennsylvania with first-class Internet service and enable our consumer-members to enjoy smooth, uninterrupted live streaming and lightning-fast download speeds that those living in urban areas take for granted. We also expect the availability of broadband Internet service to spur economic development in our region, creating opportunities in areas such as telemedicine and distance learning, and opening doors for future business ventures.”
— Craig Eccher, President & CEO, Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.

“The mission of Tri-Co Connections is to become the premier solutions provider by offering communications and advanced broadband solutions to members in the Tri-County Rural Electric territory, just as in 1936, Tri-County stepped up to provide electricity to our underserved rural communities. We serve with personal attention, superior quality and by supporting and growing our local communities. Our goal is to end the educational, economic and social inequalities that exist between rural and urban communities. We can do this by building the Infrastructure and providing access to the use of modern information and communication technologies, such as ultra-high speed Internet, state of the art phone system, advanced TV streaming options and making sure your home is safe, secure and equipped with the latest security and energy management systems. We’re building the infrastructure that will deliver a brighter future!”
— Bill Gerski, SVP Business Development, Tri-Co Connections

Who is Tri-Co Connections?

Tri-Co Connections is an LLC of Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative. We have been serving our members with quality service and integrity for over 83 years. The same local company that has been your trusted utility partner will now deliver cutting edge fiber-to-the-home technology, unlimited local and long-distance phone service, streaming video service options and home security.

What is Fiber-to-the–Home?

This means that we will provide state of the art Internet delivery over optical fiber — directly from our switching equipment all the way to your home or business. This fiber delivery system supports and allows for a multitude of services including the fastest Internet possible with speeds of up to 1 Gig.

How fast is 1 Gig Internet?

This fiber Internet connection is 100x times faster than today’s average broadband service: 1 Gig = 1,000 Mbps
• Download 100 photos in 3 seconds
• Download 100 songs in 3 seconds
• Download an HD movie in 7 seconds

When will I be able to get High-Speed Internet in Tri-Co Connections Fiber-to-the–Home Service Area?

Our first approximately 100 miles of fiber lines will be in the townships surrounding Coudersport in Potter County, as well as a fiber ring, or backbone, that will connect all of our Tri-County substations and offices. We will be reaching out, in advance, to each Member who will be able to receive our services to notify them when service is available.

Please note: If you live in the shaded area of the service map, you can sign up with our Advance Reservation System by by clicking on the Pre-Register button at the top of this page. If you are a Member living outside of the first 100 miles and would like to pre-register, simply call 1-833-822-2010 during regular business hours.

Tri-Co Connections Service Benefits:

For the first time, members in many areas of our service territory will be able to have access to high-speed Internet at competitive prices. High-speed connectivity provides many benefits, including:

• Fastest download and upload speeds
• Multiple household users enjoying the Internet simultaneously
• Easy access to streaming movies, television and events through the Internet
• Playing advanced video games online
• Ability for telecommuting, distance learning, and telemedicine

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