Tri-Co Connections Fiber-To-The-Home Service Area

When will I be able to get High-Speed Internet in Tri-Co Connections Fiber-to-the–Home Service Area?
Our first 100 miles of fiber lines will be in the townships surrounding Coudersport in Potter County, as well as a fiber ring, or backbone, that will network all of our Tri-County substations and offices. This will consist of around 1,200 homes and businesses. We will be reaching out, in advance, to each Member who will be able to receive our services to notify them when service is available.

Please note: If you live in the shaded area of the map, you can sign up with our Advance Reservation System by by clicking on the Pre-Register button at the top of this page. If you are a Member living outside of the first 100 miles and would like to pre-register, simply call 1-833-822-2010 during regular business hours.

Tri-Co Connections Service Benefits:
For the first time, members in many areas of our service territory will be able to have access to high-speed Internet at competitive prices. High-speed connectivity provides many benefits, including:

•     Fastest download and upload speeds
•     Multiple household users enjoying the Internet simultaneously
•     Easy access to streaming movies, television and events through the Internet
•     Playing advanced video games online
•     Ability for telecommuting, distance learning, and telemedicine

Map of Fiber Network in Potter County, PA

Note: Tri-Co Connections services will initially only be available to members of Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative