Tri-Co Control IQ is a great way to manage your home's wi-fi network. From setting up passwords to managing guest networks you can finally be in control of the best wi-fi experience for your family. We know learning a new app can be tricky, so we've assembled a collection of videos to help you out!

Getting Started with the Tri-Co Control IQ App

Setting up your Wi-Fi and App

Introduction to Main Dashboard

Getting to Know People Places and Things

Learn About the Settings Menu

Learn How to Enable and Disable Applications

Tri-Co Control IQ

Change Your Network Name and Password

Performing a Bandwidth Test Using the App

Setting up a Guest Network

Sharing you Guest Network

View Network Usage with the App

Learn About Connected Devices in you Network

Setting up Basic Parental Controls

Experience IQ

View Usage with ExperienceIQ

Learn how to set Screen Time Limits with ExperienceIQ

Protect IQ

Learn how to setup Enhanced Parental Controls

Mesh Units